Cheapest Gym Memberships


Getting the cheapest gym memberships is not only a big decision, but it is also a long-term commitment. You will need consistency in attendance to get good results. Before enrolling for any gym membership, it is vital to consider the gym charges. The charges should be within your budget, and you should also seek to understand if they are worth it. Other factors to consider include; the location of the gym, its size, and the facilities & services. This article will guide you on the cheapest gym memberships available.

Planet Fitness

This is one of the biggest fitness clubs in America, in terms of its locations and the number of its members. Planet Fitness has a total of 1742 clubs in 50 states.


Basic membership is charged at $10 per month while black card membership stands at $19.99 per month. You are also required to pay a certain annual fee depending on the type of membership. For basic membership, you pay a yearly fee of $20.

Services & facilities

Planet Fitness gyms usually have unlimited access, have massage chairs, and you can even have your guests accompany you to the gym for free. Additionally, fitness training is offered to all members, and you can also do your cardio and weight training here. The better part of it is that you get to work out in a judgment-free zone.

LA Fitness

This is a fitness chain with more than 700 clubs across Canada and the US


You can either choose multi-club memberships where you pay 29.99 dollars per month and a single membership for 24.99dollars a month. An initiation fee of $99 is also required in both memberships.

Services & facilities

The fitness club offers group exercise sessions for members, a lap pool, whirlpool spa, and sauna. You can also get other facilities such as juice bars, kids’ centers, and racquetball and basketball courts. Members also pay extra cash to get sessions with personal trainers.

24-hour fitness

This is a fitness chain with its headquarters in California. It has over 420 locations in 13 states. These states include Washington, Colorado, Florida, New York, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Nevada, California, Utah, Oregon, and New Jersey.


Charges vary depending on location and the level of membership. Basic membership is the most popular and costs $ 29.99.However, if you stay in the gym for one year, this charge drops to $26.90. The average membership fee ranges from $29.90 to $34.99 in a month. You will also be required to pay a $ 49.99 annual fee.

Services & facilities

Gyms usually have cycle and studio classes. Members also benefit from both group and personal training. These gyms also have whirlpools, indoor lap pools, kids’ centers.

Anytime Fitness

This is a 24-hour gym with its headquarters at Woodbury, US. It has over 4000 locations in fifty countries. These gyms remain open for 24 hours every day.


Membership charges vary depending on location and the promotions present. An average membership ranges from $30-$36 in a month. In some gym locations, the membership is usually $44 every month and 39 dollars for 12 months membership. Additionally, members also pay initiation and activation fees, which vary based on the franchise.

Services & facilities

Members can access weights, equipment for strength training and cardio machines. Wellness programs and classes are also present. Some centers also offer personal training and tanning.

Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness has over 270 clubs located in the US, Australia, and Canada.


Base membership costs $9.95 per month, peak memberships, on the other hand, cost $ 21.95 per month. A peak results membership costs $24.95 per month. Enrollment charges usually vary depending on membership level. In most cases, they range from $10 to $50.

Services & facilities

Crunch gyms usually provide group fitness sessions, video workouts, hydro massage and tanning services. Those with peak results and peak membership are allowed to access multiple clubs in different locations.

YouFit Health Clubs

These clubs have over 100 locations in around 15 states.


Base membership costs $10 in a month while the premium-tier membership costs $ 21.99 per month. The initiation fee depends on the membership package chosen.

Services & facilities

It offers group fitness, free weights, kids center, personal trainers and tanning facilities. You can also have your guest accompany you to the gym for free.


The insights in this article are here to guide you in choosing a gym that fits your budget with the cheapest gym memberships available.