Eleven Quick Ways to Earn Money at Home


You might be looking for a way to earn some extra cash for your small expenses, impulse buying, or to save. Initially, anyone who wanted to make some extra cash had to look for another job. However, things have changed, and you don’t have to do all this, you can earn an extra coin at the comfort of your home. Remember, technology has improved, and people have become creative. This article will show eleven quick ways to earn money at home

Become a freelance writer

Are you passionate about writing? You can earn a lot of money from writing. You become an excellent freelancer by finding various freelance platforms where you can gain experience from the already established freelancers. You will also find clients on such platforms. Other than becoming a writer, you can also become a freelancer in different fields, such as accounting and design.

Sell your unwanted items.

You can sell your unwanted items such as old clothes and accessories via various online platforms such as e-Bay. To increase your chances of making a sale, take an appealing photo of your items and include a compelling description of the item. Additionally, you may also use a selling App called Letgo, which is entirely free.

Participate in online surveys

Giving your opinion in an online survey is a perfect way to earn some cash at the comfort of your home. The best part of surveys is that you can also do them almost everywhere and at any time. For example, you can take them when watching TV, on the bus or when waiting at your doctor’s office. To increase your earning, you can do several surveys with different companies rather than doing for one company.

Start a blog

You can start a blog with as low as &2.95. To allow you to have access to various blogging platforms such as WordPress, you need to create quality content. Also, ensure that you share your content in multiple social media platforms. Once you are comfortable with your blog, monetize it using GoogleAdsense, this will help you get a good passive income. In your blog, you can tackle topics such as cooking, traveling, technology, and health.

Become a data entry clerk

In this job, you will need to have excellent typing skills and a high level of accuracy. The beauty of this job is that you do not need to have any previous experience, and only a few skills are necessary.

Become an online tutor

Online tutoring has grown so much over the years and is an excellent way to make money at home if you have teaching knowledge and experience on a particular subject.

Invest in the stock market

You can do this with as low as $100. To begin, you need first to create an investment account. Start with a little amount then continue stacking up. The app you create your account with does the investing for you.

Watch movies online and like them.

Do you enjoy watching movies? You can watch movies and get paid. Watch various movies previews, celebrity videos, news, and other videos. Some sites usually ask people to watch movies and like them then get paid. With this, you can earn up to $200 a month.

Become a user tester for apps and websites

Companies frequently hire people to test their websites or apps then pay them. You use that particular app or website then give feedback about its design, identify any missing crucial information, and also give your user experience. You will earn up to $50 per test, and you will only require a stable internet connection.

Sell photos online

You can sell your photos to bloggers and video makers who need it for their content. However, you need to take quality photos to make money. Take quality photos using your smartphone and upload them online via Foam app. Once your photo is purchased, be sure of getting a good profit.

Write an e-book

If you are an expert in a particular subject matter, write an e-book on the subject, then publish it on Amazon. Remember, e-books don’t contain vast pages; thus are faster and easier to write.


The article has given you eleven quick ways to earn money at home. There are many ways to make this a possibility. Go for it!