Best Side Jobs to Have


Do you need some extra cash? Are you tired of stretching from one paycheck to another just to sort out your bills? If so, you may want to consider these best side jobs to have which are flexible according to your schedule. This allows you to work to your liking.

Earn Delivering Food

Despite most cities having incredible restaurants, most people are busy to even enjoy them. What if you can deliver food to them through DoorDash.
All you need to be a “dasher” is a smartphone and an insured vehicle. If you don’t have a vehicle, no worries as a bicycle is also great. You can work independently and earn $6 per delivery not forgetting you get to keep the tips. Depending on your working hours, you can earn as much as $1000 in a week.

Delivering Groceries

Groceries delivery, retail purchases and takeouts using Postmates is one reliable side gig. During peak hours, you earn $19 in an hour.
The app does not charge transaction or service fee thus you get to pocket all your earnings.
Delivery can happen through any means thus no special requirement. All you need to do is sign up in the post mate app. You will receive a prepaid card to use in making purchases and a delivery bag.
after completion, you are free to make your first extra income.

Part-Time Bookkeeping

As a bookkeeper, you not only work remotely as you help others achieve their goals but also it is a great chance to earn as much as $60 an hour.
If you have some computer skills like in excel spreadsheet and you are generally organized, this is the best side job for you. If you are a parent or a recent graduate and you need some extra cash, this is a great opportunity.

Watching Movies

This is something most people would do for free if given a chance but imagine being paid to do something you enjoy.
All you need to do is fill an application from Certified Field Associate, a mystery shopping company. Everyone is eligible to apply and one has equal chances to be hired.
If hired all you have to do is answer some questions like which previews are showing, which time is best for screening and the number of people who buy tickets on an opening day. Simple, right? Just this and you can make up to $20 in an hour.

Answering the Phone

Most companies are actually going for customer service reps based on home instead of having a call center. This side job, one can choose when to work, either evenings, daytime or during the weekends. The pay will depend on the location and the position.
Your job basically is to answer questions from the customers. You can do this by chatting online or through the phone. Sales jobs have higher pay. If you are a tech guru, then a position in technical support is suitable for you.
Be a good rep to avoid ruining other peoples day.

Create a Blog

A website will require a lot of dedication but it pays off really well. The first thing you need to do is create a unique website with content that is of high quality. This will help attract the number of people visiting your website.
Link your website with advertising platforms, for example, Google AdSense and get paid each time a person on your website interacts with an ad.

Do Online Transcription

This can be the best side job if you have good listening skills and good speed when it comes to typing.
Rev is a good transcription site with a better platform and more projects to choose from. You can make up to 75 cents in a minute depending on the project you are working on.

Renting Out Old Baby Gear

If you are a mom and got some baby gears, here is a chance to make money from them. All this stuff, a car seat, a play-set or a crib can be rent out to parents who are traveling. GoBaby is a good site that allows you to connect with traveling parents and you can rent these baby necessities and make some extra income.

You can never run out of side jobs you can do to increase your income. Certain apps can also help you find a quick gig.