12 Best Finance Podcasts to Boost Your Money Management Skills

Want to know which are the best finance podcasts to improve your money skills? You’ve come to the right place. This guide features a curated list of top finance podcasts that offer expert advice, market trends, and practical financial tips. Whether you’re looking to save, invest, or understand the market, these podcasts have something for you.

The Clark Howard Podcast

Few personal finance podcasts can rival the candid dialogues and money-saving strategies evident in The Clark Howard Podcast. For over three decades, Clark Howard has been the guiding light for those navigating the often murky waters of personal finance. His nationally syndicated radio talk show extends into the podcast realm. Here he continues to be a beacon of knowledge, helping listeners save money and spend smarter. Each episode is a treasure trove of practical advice. With Clark’s friendly, no-nonsense style making even the most complex financial topics feel approachable.

Listeners are encouraged to actively participate through the #AskClark segments, where they get personalized responses to their pressing financial queries. It’s this unique interactive element that truly sets Clark’s podcast apart, fostering a community of informed consumers eager to improve their financial health.

Whether you’re a seasoned saver or a finance novice, Clark’s daily podcast serves as an invaluable resource

Bloomberg Masters in Business

Bloomberg Masters in Business stands as a towering figure among finance podcasts, offering a window into the minds of business leaders, famous financial billionaires, and industry experts. The podcast caters to those who appreciate comprehensive discussions on corporate finance, global economics, and catalysts for business transformation. Unlike its counterpart Bloomberg Surveillance, which zeroes in on daily market sentiments, this weekly podcast takes a step back to provide a broader perspective on the forces shaping the economic landscape.

The podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone interested in the intricacies of business and finance. With each episode, listeners are invited to explore topics ranging from business strategies to data analytics. Often, these podcasts are guided by the insights of renowned figures like Warren Buffett. It’s a rich educational experience to delve into the stories and insights of those who have truly made their mark on the world of business.

Fast Money Podcast

Fast Money Podcast is your daily dose of financial expert analysis, delivered quickly and clearly. Hosted by Melissa Lee and a panel of top traders; this finance podcast dives into the day’s most pressing market events and trends. This podcast gives the listeners the knowledge to understand how money works and how to make it work for them. Rather than merely reporting the news, each episode offers actionable insights that can steer your financial goals and ambitions toward financial freedom.

The podcast has a great rhythm, balancing expert commentary with listener engagement. Whether you’re a professional trader or just starting to explore the world of investing; Fast Money provides the insights you need to navigate the complexities of the market.

Real Vision Daily Briefing

For those who crave a deeper understanding of the financial world, the Real Vision Daily Briefing is a must-listen. This podcast peels back the layers of the global economy. It offers in-depth discussions covering topics like market trends, economic indicators, and pivotal financial themes. The daily podcast format allows listeners to stay abreast of breaking news. Moreover, receiving expert insights that are always in the loop with the latest developments.

The finance specialists and guest experts featured on the podcast transform complex market dynamics into digestible and actionable insights. The Real Vision Daily Briefing equips listeners with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Its straightforward approach to explaining the forces that move markets makes it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to understand and navigate the financial landscape.

The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show, helmed by the charismatic Dave Ramsey, is a juggernaut among financial podcasts. With a national public radio presence and a format that allows for listener interaction, this podcast makes personal finance accessible and empowering. It’s not just about presenting information; it’s about providing a clear, actionable plan that anyone can follow to achieve financial literacy and independence.

For those looking to take control of their financial lives; Dave Ramsey offers practical steps on saving, getting out of debt, and building wealth. Listeners tune in daily, eager to absorb Dave’s wisdom and apply it to their own financial journeys. The show’s call-in format fosters a sense of community. Listeners share their successes and challenges as they strive toward their financial goals.

The fusion of expert advice with practical application solidifies The Ramsey Show’s position among leading personal finance podcasts.

So Money

So Money, hosted by the insightful Farnoosh Torabi, is where personal finance meets personal storytelling. This podcast features:

  • Candid conversations with top business minds and influencers
  • Genuine passion for finance
  • Wealth of strategies to build wealth and achieve financial freedom
  • Coverage of a spectrum of financial topics, from investing and career advice to entrepreneurship
  • Fostering a sense of financial empowerment for listeners

Torabi’s engaging interviews provide listeners with a great mix of personal storytelling and valuable financial insights.

Each episode is a journey into the financial lives of its guests, offering a blend of inspiration and practical advice. On Fridays, the show takes a personal turn with #AskFarnoosh, where Torabi directly addresses listeners’ money questions. Provides actionable tips to help them navigate their financial journey. Beyond being a podcast, So Money sparks conversations about money, prompting listeners to consider their relationship with finance and strategize on making their money more productive.

BiggerPockets Money

BiggerPockets Money is the go-to podcast for those looking to dive deep into the world of financial independence and real estate investing. Hosted by the dynamic duo of Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, the podcast offers a weekly dose of inspiration and practical knowledge for anyone eager to:

  • earn more
  • keep more
  • spend smarter
  • grow their wealth

The hosts’ chemistry and diverse perspectives create a relatable and engaging listening experience for anyone.

Through interviews with thought leaders and relatable stories, the podcast explores a variety of investing strategies and personal finance topics. BiggerPockets Money empowers listeners to take practical steps toward their financial goals. They gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge and advice that can help them navigate their financial life with confidence.

Afford Anything

The Afford Anything podcast challenges listeners to reevaluate their true affordability. Host Paula Pant delves into a myriad of financial topics, from saving and investing to real estate and passive income, all while keeping an eye on the ultimate goal of financial freedom. Pant’s approach is to empower people to make wise daily decisions about how they spend not just their money, but also their time, energy, focus, and attention.

The podcast stands out for its engaging discussions, including conversations with guests who have turned side hustles into multimillion-dollar businesses or achieved financial independence at an early age. Pant’s humor and empathy shine through as she tackles listener dilemmas, discussing everything from managing high home prices to leveraging credit cards for bill payments. Afford Anything makes the quest for wealth both enlightening and entertaining, encouraging listeners to take control of their financial destiny.

Optimal Finance Daily

Optimal Finance Daily offers a unique angle on financial literacy by transforming some of the best personal finance blog content into easily digestible podcast episodes. Hosted by Diania Merriam, the founder of the EconoMe Conference, this podcast simplifies the complex world of finance into practical advice that listeners can apply in their own lives. It’s an excellent resource for those who prefer listening over reading and for regular readers of finance blogs who appreciate a curated audio experience.

Each episode features advice from renowned financial bloggers, experts, and financial planners, covering topics such as making personal finance more manageable through:

  • budgeting
  • investing tips
  • debt management
  • money mindfulness

With short and sweet episodes that range from 15 to 20 minutes, Optimal Finance Daily is the perfect daily podcast for those looking to gain actionable insights without a significant time investment. Optimal Finance Daily encourages listeners to convert financial knowledge into action. This podcast proves to be an indispensable tool in achieving financial objectives.

We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires is a behemoth in the podcasting world. It is recognized as the largest stock investing podcast globally with over 150 million downloads. It offers listeners an unparalleled look into the minds of famous financial billionaires and the strategies that have propelled them to the pinnacle of success. Hosted by a team of knowledgeable presenters, the podcast is a masterclass in building wealth and understanding the investment landscape.

The podcast offers:

  • Tactics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Richer Wiser Happier series where legendary investors share their wisdom
  • Insightful book reviews, distilling the knowledge of investors like Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett into practical lessons for listeners.

We Study Billionaires serves as a comprehensive guide for those aspiring to mirror the success of globally accomplished business figures.

Planet Money

Planet Money from NPR stands out for its ability to make economics fun. With its witty hosts and engaging storytelling, this personal finance podcast turns complex economic and financial topics into captivating tales that resonate with listeners. The infectious enthusiasm and sharp wit of hosts like Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, and Robert Smith have made Planet Money a hit among nearly half a million people.

The podcast covers an eclectic array of subjects, including:

  • the economics of video games
  • the Russian economy under Vladimir Putin
  • consumer movements
  • layoffs
  • the experiences of everyday Americans

These stories bring to life the multifaceted nature of finance and economics, making Planet Money a podcast that entertains as much as it enlightens.


ChooseFI is a beacon for those on the path to financial independence and early retirement, known by its acronym, FIRE. Launched in 2016 as part of the ChooseFI Podcast Network, the podcast provides a rich blend of educational content and interviews. These two factors make this podcast valuable resource for both novices and seasoned finance enthusiasts. With over 300 episodes, ChooseFI offers a comprehensive look at the financial independence movement. Shares practical advice and personal stories that inspire listeners to pursue their own financial journey, including retirement planning.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to achieving financial independence, from cutting-edge investment strategies to lifestyle design. It’s a community where listeners can learn from the experiences of others and find the motivation to take the steps necessary for their financial freedom. More than a podcast, ChooseFI serves as a roadmap for those seeking to liberate themselves from traditional finance constraints and forge their own path.


The twelve financial podcasts we’ve explored stand as lighthouses guiding you to safer and more prosperous financial shores. They offer a rich tapestry of knowledge, from Clark Howard’s money-saving tips to the investment wisdom of billionaires. All of these podcasts are designed to empower you to take control of your financial destiny. Whether you’re seeking to improve your budgeting skills, invest wisely, or achieve financial independence, these podcasts provide the tools to make informed decisions. Now, it’s up to you to tune in and turn up the volume on your financial education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply the advice from finance podcasts to my own financial situation?

You can apply the advice from finance podcasts to your financial situation by identifying relevant topics. Take notes, and gradually implementing actionable tips tailored to your specific circumstances. This will help you align the advice with your financial goals.

Are these podcasts suitable for beginners with no background in finance?

Yes, because they cover a wide range of topics and are designed to simplify complex financial concepts.

Can listening to finance podcasts really make a difference in my financial literacy?

Yes, finance podcasts can significantly improve your financial literacy by offering diverse perspectives and practical advice.

How often should I listen to finance podcasts to see a change in my money management skills?

Try to listen to finance podcasts consistently, to see a progressive improvement in your money management skills.

Do I need to pay for these podcasts, or are they available for free?

Most of the podcasts listed are available for free, but some may offer additional content or an ad-free experience for a fee.