Apps to Budget Your Finances

budget your finances

Managing your finances is important. If you look at those who have been financially successful, you will find that they would have been very good at managing finances. Technology now allows us to use mobile and computer based apps to manage your finances. However, you have to choose them wisely. If you are keen on getting the right answers to the question as to finding the 8 apps to budget your finances, then it is quite likely that you will find this article interesting and informative. Without wasting any time, let us get straight into the brief look at eight such apps that could help in better management of your finances.

Personal Capital

It is one of the most favorite money management tools in the market today. It is available for free. It can help to track your budget and also help in better management of cash flow. It could also come in handy for checking on your 401K, IRA and other such investments. It is suitable for use both on android smart phones and Apple Watch. If it is liked to your credit cards, bank account, and investment accounts, this app can help you with a lot of useful information and they will also be available at your fingertips and this will include your net worth.


Mint has always been one of the best when it comes to quality and reliable budgeting apps and sites. It is known its ease of use and can securely be synced with the bank account and credit cards. It does not require manual entry of transactions unless cash payments and receipts are made. It is quite handy and helps to efficiently and accurately track your finances. It can be done without having to spend hours every week for keeping your finance position up to date.


If you believe in planning ahead, then you have many reasons to believe that YNAB could be a good choice. It could be one of the best around in the market. It works on the principle that you should try and leave on last months’ income. In other words, it could teach you to have one month’s income as buffer. Hence, if you wish to move away from a paycheck to paycheck way of life, then this could be the best way forward. However, it is not as contact as many other apps in the market. It can come in handy for those who believe in sound financial philosophy and would like to plan in advance.

Good Budget

This is often considered a simple but effective app for budgeting of finances. The app can be synced to your budgets and also that of your spouse or others if you wish to be add as a part. Hence, if you are looking for an app that can help budget your family’s income and expenses, then Good Budget could be the right choice.


If you are keen on managing your cash flow effectively, then Dollar Bird could be the right option. It will help you to get prior information about ebbs and tides as far as your monthly cash flow situations are concerned. You also will have a calendar of the various expenses that fall due. The transactions can be color coded for a single-glance view. This certainly will help to better manage your finances.


It is considered to be an interesting new budget app for managing ones finances. Instead of providing a single screen where the progress can be checked, this app can certainly act as coach. It has an interface that looks more like a texting app. It is capable of digging into your financial statements and it is helpful in enabling you to make the right choices. It is suitable for making specific types of financial analysis.


This is a unique app because it works in a currency that is not only restricted to the U.S Dollar. It can accommodate a number of currencies. Photos receipts can also be saved and therefore it also could be used for business purposes as well. You can let you know how much you have saved for the rainy days at any given point in time of the month. On the whole it is a good budget app to have.


Spendee could be one of the best apps for finance budgeting if you are looking for something with a reliable user interface. It is a nice looking app and it can help you to know more about your finances in a graphical mode. It is suitable for those who are visual thinkers and are keen on having a good grasp of the overall finances. It also allows you to share “wallets” with friends and family members. It can be helpful if you wish to split expenses with your roommates and other such things.


We are sure that the above 8 budgets to budget your finances would most certainly have helped you to understand the scope and possibilities of these apps and help you to have better control over your finances.