Apps That Help Save Money

save money

The best apps that help save money are not only money savers. These apps are also easy to use and provide additional advantages to users. We’ve compiled the list of the best apps that help save money so you can keep track of your spending cycles and save more at the end of the month.

1. Clarity Money

You probably have numerous subscription accounts that you don’t use every month. Movies, wallets, games and all those accounts that you pay a monthly fee might not be an as good option as you think. You may not use all the possibilities each month, and that is why the proper app can help you save money on a long term basis. Clarity Money is an ideal choice.

Clarity Money looks for ways to save you from wasteful spending. The app also negotiates your bills to move them down to a lower rate. At the same time, you can get suggestions about the most appropriate credit cards that suit your lifestyle. The savings account is also included as part of the Clarity Money account, so you can save money and invest in the future.

2. Chime

Chime is an app made for both Android and iOS devices. With Chime, you have a spending account and debit card that is perfect for fund deposits, instant transactions and checking out of the spending. You also have an automatic saving account which allows you to automatically set aside a certain amount of money every time you deposit money into Chime. At the moment, this amount is 10% of each transaction.

With Chime, you can also save money every time you use the Chime debit card where every difference in rounding-up on your purchases ends up on your account. The app also notifies you so save money on a savings account instead of spending it on trivial things. Chime is a great app that helps save money for you because there are no overdraft fees or foreign transaction fees. ATM use also comes with no fees.

3. Mint

If you are having a habit of being late on your bills, you need an app like Mint. With this app, you have notifications every time you are about to pay your bills on a later date. By paying bills on time, you will avoid late fees and penalties which can cost you extra money you don’t have to spend. There is also an option to develop a unique budget to maximize your options with money.

Mint allows you to allocate money for savings, create an emergency fund and save for retirement while taking care of all the necessary expenses. If you are using Mint, you can see the actual credit score that gives you insights about savings and opportunities to get a better loan rate. This way, you can project what amount of money you can have in the long run for buying a home or vehicle in the future.

4. Honey

Honey is another app that helps you save significant amounts of money. In case you are a fan of shopping, Honey is automatically looking for coupon codes online every time you want to purchase something. The app works as a browser extension and it helps you uncover all the good deals when you buy stuff online. The saving will appear when you check out and you will see how much you have saved.

Honey is a great app for saving money because it also saves you time. Instead of endless searching for coupon codes online, you can simply use the app to get the most cost-effective coupons and codes during the purchase. The app works with an incredible number of brands and sites that offer great shopping deals. With Honey, you can save even more on each purchase.

The Benefits of the Apps That Help Save Money

With all these apps that help save money, you can check your spending, use credit cards and save money during shopping. Each action during the month can be tracked and you can have full insight into all the details about your money habits. If you are using the apps that help save money, you will be able to save for retirement, improve your credit score and have extra money at the end of the month. Why not get one of these apps and enjoy all the benefits? So many people are already using these apps and save incredible amounts of money each month.