Travel Discount Sites for Your Next Trip

travel discounts

It goes without saying that travel discounts have spread like wildfire in recent years. Travelers get the best rewards and deals not just on hotels, airfare, and even apartment rentals but also on travel packages with tons of perks and add-ons. Here are some of the best travel discount sites you can get your hands on and we sifted through them to give you the ones that truly deliver.

One of the most popular discount travel discounts sites available on the web today is Booking dot com. It lets users book every type of lodging including guesthouses, hostels, villas, resorts, apartments, and even boats and farms. You will see travel discount stuff here that is not available anywhere else.

TripAlertz is also known as the traveler’s Groupon. On this website, you get travel discounts getaway and discounts to destinations including Buenos Aires, Aruba, and Las Vegas. Excess three or four-star hotel and resort excess inventory is featured on TripAlertz for you to purchase. This includes perks, free Wif-Fi, guided tours, complimentary breakfasts and the like. For every friend who joins, users get five dollars to encourage you to take people with you when you travel.

Momondo dot com is based in Denmark and compares the airfare prices it finds from over seven hundred sites including travel agencies and airlines. Momondo also finds smaller airline carriers. Momondo is now generating stateside buzz with its ever-increasing routes, sexy design, and no-frills functionality. It also offers city guides color-coded to represent themes including romance and adventure. There are also fare predictions, rail transportation included in the site for your convenience.

When you need to travel sooner than expected, you can find the best last-minute deals for flights on This personal assistant for travelers does all the hard work including finding unadvertised fees and promo codes for airlines. The fare goes straight o your email which means you save time booking that flight.

Since its launch in 2009, Jetsetter has featured more flash sales on higher-end properties than most other sites. This lifestyle and travel website has over two million members increasing by the day. There is a good reason why this site is so popular, too. The various features of the website make it easy for even newbies to use. Aside from flash sales, features Jetsetter Journeys and Mystery Mondays, as well as other theme sale formats.

In the USA, features the world’s more affordable bed and breakfasts, apartments, hostels, and hotels. There are special deals and feedback from guests so you know what to expect on your own booking. It is no wonder this site has been generating quite a buzz among the budget-conscious travel group. The search for the right travel discounts really is worth the effort!

Luxury Link

Luxury Link features auctions on luxury hotels and is known as the eBay of traveling. Extras are featured including three nights at the Mandarin Oriental for the lowest available price compared to any other website and this includes complimentary wireless, breakfast for two and a wrap-around balcony.

Google Flights

Book flights with Google Flights so you get the cheapest ticket and real-time airfare. The tools are all available on Google Flights to help you find the most affordable airport. All you need to do is to type in your arrival and departure times and you get a list of all the most affordable discount travel airfare that will be going to and from your destinations. You also get advice about the best flying dates to travel.

There is a tool on Google Flights called Flight Insight that informs you if another day features a cheaper flight. Check the box that says Track Price and you get all the prices tracked for the routes you need. You also get alerts sent straight to your email if there is a drop in price. Price drop alerts are also offered on Hopper and Skyscanner.

Travel discounts make the world an easier place to tour on a budget. You get to save money enough to enjoy on your next trip abroad. Finding the right travel discounts on the perfect date of your departure and arrival might even give you the option of extending your stay!