Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

make extra money

At no time has money been enough especially if you depend on a salary. You will always be looking for ways to either save or make an extra coin. So, are you looking for ways to make extra money at home? Well, below are some ways that you may not only use to make an extra coin but can transition them into full-time careers.

Content Writing

The evolution of the internet has created many ways to enable people to earn an extra coin from their homes. Content or article writing is one of the many ways that you can use to make extra money at home. Websites are cropping up every day. That means there is a need to have more content written to fill up these websites with information. This makes content writing a lucrative field that you can venture into if you want to make extra money at home. There are plenty of content mills out there that you can join to land content landing projects. Alternatively, you can cold pitch for potential customers looking for writers to generate content for them.

Affiliate Marketing

You can become a middle person where people buy products or services for a company from you instead of going to the company or person selling the products. When you convince or make people purchase you, you earn a commission. This is all that affiliate marketing entails. Mostly, affiliate marketing is tied to content writing. It will not be easier to convince someone to buy a product or service by telling him/her directly. However, when you incorporate affiliate links in your content, you will lure them into purchasing without forcing them.


Blogging is another great way that you can use to make extra money at home. With a blog, you can make money through AdSense or providing space for companies to advertise themselves on your website. This means to earn extra coin is one of the best because once your blog has attracted traffic and you start earning, there will be little input required from you henceforth. You will only have to update your website with quality and engaging content that will pull and maintain traffic.

Paid Surveys

Do you have time to answer some simple questionnaires? If yes, you can use paid surveys to make extra money from home. There are many companies out there willing to pay you just by filling a simple form that will take a very little amount of time. Most of these companies are looking to learn how customers perceive their products so that they can know how to improve them. You can take part in this by participating in their surveys and make some extra money.

Virtual Assistant

Hiring employees on a long-term basis is expensive especially for small businesses. Instead of hiring a person on a long-term basis, most companies opt to outsource some of their services when the demand is high. Data entry is one task that most companies outsource. If you are good at typing, you can take up data entry tasks to help you make extra money from home. Responding to emails is another task that is outsourced and you can take up to earn extra money from home.


Are you good at teaching? Well, you can take up tutoring students or people on how to do various things. For tutoring students, you can sign up into one of the many websites that link students and tutors. If you want to help people to do other things such as styling their hair, cooking, and undertaking simple home projects among others, you can start a YouTube channel.

When you open a YouTube, you stand a chance to earn through ads placed on your videos. You can package your tutorials and convince people to buy them. This will earn you extra money when in the comfort of your home.


The above are a few of the ways to make extra money at home. Your preferences and time available are some of the factors that determine which way you can use and work great for you. If you have a job but whatever you are earning isn’t enough, take one the ways discussed above. If you donate have a job, you have all the time to explore all the jobs and choose one that best suits you.