Apps To Save Money

apps to save money

Looking for apps to save money? Hundreds of apps are currently available with the sole purpose of assisting you in the area of saving. Working out which one will work for you will involve digging them out. Admit it, smartphones have changed everyone’s lives, even in the area of saving money. Don’t worry, we have done the hard work of sifting out the top six apps to save money just for you.

Here are some tried and tested apps to save money you are going to love installing since they work quite well in helping people save money. There are apps to tell you how to cook leftovers, cash back apps, and personal finance apps. The objective? To keep more money in your pocket.

Starling Bank

This bank is purely app-based and leads the way in the revolution of online banking. Your money earns interest on the bank app and it has all the built-in security features and useful budgeting tools to get you saving.

For instance, if you want to limit your expenditure to two hundred dollars per month maximum, transfer the money from your main account to your Starling account.

Then, only use the Starling card for one month while the app tracks your spending. The app tracks all your spending and alerts you whenever you spend. All the items you buy are organized such as bills, shopping, and food. You can set budgets on the app as well and you get a notification for overspending.


It can be tricky to figure out how and where you are spending and which card you use for what purchase. Curve has streamlined all your cards into a single card. All you need to do is register each card on Cuve and the moment you get your Curve Mastercard, you can spend from any and all of your accounts using just your Curve card.

You can also select which account you want to pay by clicking the right card on the app. This account then activates. The best part? Aside from streamlining your cards, if ever you use the wrong credit card for payment, you can go back in time and alter the card where money was deducted. How cool is that?


It isn’t easy to save money, especially for busy students and workaholics. The good news is that Chip is available to save your money for you automatically. Chip is an automatic bot for saving. All you need to do is to give it access to your bank account.

Chips monitor your spending, monitors your outputs and inputs and then do the calculation about how much you can save each week. Once Chip has decided how much you can afford to save, it puts the money away for you into a savings account without you having to do a thing. The best part? It even gives you interest when you refer a friend!


This app lets you automate savings using your rules. For instance, each time you spend, the app moves the amount into a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insured goal account. The app also contributes automated savings to your fund. You can set up saving goals, including savings goals with family and friends.

ATM Locator

This worldwide app locates every ATM in your area displaying them on a map. It even tells you which works and which does not. This is great for travelers because it works in every country. You can say goodbye to those days where you did a pilgrimage like a headless chicken to finally find an ATM that charges you an arm and a leg. ATM Locator saves you time and if you find the right bank, you may not even have to pay a service fee.


Based on your spending pattern and income, Digit calculates what you can save. It transfers the amount from your checking account to the app. It makes around two or three weekly transfers of the amount that it decided you are able to save. This is automated savings at its best since it even makes the hard decisions for you. There is a free trial period when you sign up. The best part is that you get a bonus of one percent paid every three months based on your Digit daily balance.