12 Apps That Give You Free Food: Satisfy Your Cravings!

Looking for apps that give you free food? You’ve hit the jackpot. This no-fluff guide lists 12 must-have apps designed to fill your belly without emptying your wallet. From sign-up bonuses to loyalty rewards, get ready to dive into the digital treasure trove of complimentary eats and insider tips on how to keep the freebies coming. Get your appetite ready – and let’s get started.

Savor the Savings: Top Apps that Give you Free Food and Freebies

As we embrace the digital era, restaurant apps are revolutionizing the dining experience. They offer a smorgasbord of rewards, including free food items, from drinks to desserts, that can satisfy any palate. For instance, who wouldn’t want a free pretzel from Auntie Anne’s after the first order or a free burger from Sizzler’s Real Deal eClub for new members? How about a free pizza from Domino’s loyalty program for repeated orders? All you have to do is download the app and sign up.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! These apps are not limited to initial offers. They provide ongoing rewards to keep a food lover coming back for more. Auntie Anne’s, for instance, rewards points redeemable for more pretzels and other incentives to keep customers engaged with the app over time. Do note, however, that participation and specific offers may vary by location, and they are subject to the terms and conditions of each restaurant’s rewards program.

1. McDonald’s: More Than Just Fries

When it comes to fast food apps, McDonald’s is a front-runner. The McDonald’s is the first app that give you free food in our list. What it offers?

  • Users can accumulate 100 points for every dollar spent on eligible products, with rewards beginning to be redeemable at 1500 points.
  • As a welcome treat, the app offers free large fries upon download.
  • Ongoing exclusive deals, tailored local promotions, and limited-time offers accessible through the ‘Deals’ section or via push notifications.

Additionally, the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program offers the following benefits:

  • Users can redeem points for free food items without contact, with a limit of one reward redemption per order.
  • Points expire after six months, but users can manage their points more effectively by adding missing points from receipts.
  • Users can also link a payment card to earn points on purchases made with that card.

2. Starbucks: Perk Up Your Day

For coffee lovers, the Starbucks Rewards program is a dream come true. Members earn Stars for purchases with 1 Star per $1 spent when paying with cash or card, and 2 Stars per $1 with preloaded funds to a digital Starbucks Card or a registered Starbucks Card. The program also offers ways to earn Stars more quickly through Bonus Star challenges, Double Star Days, bringing a reusable cup for Bonus Stars, and games.

The advantages of being a member go far beyond regular rewards. Some of the perks include:

  • 25% off cold drinks on Wednesdays during the summer
  • Free coffee and tea refills during the same in-store visit, served in a free cup, making it a free drink. Plus, enjoy a free medium drink as an added bonus.
  • Birthday freebies, where members can choose from a handcrafted beverage, food item, or a ready-to-drink bottled beverage for their Birthday Reward

Please note that the Birthday Reward must be redeemed on the birthday date at participating stores, and it excludes alcoholic beverages and multi-serve items.

3. Subway: On Track for Tasty Rewards

Subway takes the concept of rewards to the next level with their MVP Rewards. Members earn 10 points for every $1 spent, with mobile orders granting a 5% bonus in points. What’s more, is that there is a welcome bonus of 250 points upon signup.

Besides accumulating points, Subway MVP Rewards offers a unique feature – tiered membership levels:

  • Pro: Spend at least $0 annually
  • Captain: Spend at least $200 annually to receive a 10% points bonus
  • All-Star: Spend at least $400 annually for a 20% points bonus, exclusive merchandise, and better birthday and anniversary rewards.

All-Star members also receive free chips on Fridays with any purchase and have access to the Subway Swag Shop, with VIP exclusives slated to become available soon.

4. Chick-Fil-A: Cluckin’ Good Deals

If chicken is your comfort food, then Chick-fil-A’s One app is your comfort zone. The app offers a point-based rewards program where customers can accumulate points to redeem for various menu items including shakes and sandwiches. But that’s not the only reason to download the app.

The Chick-fil-A One app enhances the customization experience. It provides users with customizable menu options, allowing them to tailor their orders to their specific tastes and dietary preferences. As an extra treat, users of the Chick-fil-A One app are eligible for special treats on their birthdays.

5. Taco Bell: Fiesta of Freebies

Are you prepared for an array of freebies? Taco Bell’s loyalty program offers members the ability to select free food rewards, including a free dinner bell plate. But the benefits don’t stop at free food. Loyalty members can enjoy personalizing their dining experience with a $1 Build Your Own Cravings box.

Adding a dash of excitement, Taco Bell’s loyalty program introduces challenge participation for members. By completing various steps, members can unlock additional rewards. With this program, every visit to Taco Bell is a new opportunity to earn more rewards!

6. Dunkin’: Donut Miss Out on These Rewards

Dunkin’ extends beyond serving delicious donuts and refreshing coffee; it focuses on customer rewards too. With the Dunkin’ rewards program, customers earn points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for free treats like a free doughnut or hash browns.

The rewards keep flowing. Dunkin’ offers exclusive benefits to members, including:

  • Monthly rewards
  • Earning triple points during your birthday period
  • The new Boosted Status loyalty tier adds an extra layer of reward for frequent visitors
  • Points in the Dunkin’ Rewards program remain valid with one qualifying purchase every six months
  • Regular visitors can get a points boost through activities like the Boosted Status program.

7. Pizza Hut: Pile on the Points

Pizza Hut ensures every slice is rewarding with its loyalty program. Members earn two points for every dollar spent on app purchases, redeemable for menu items. The rewards program has three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, where point values increase with tier status, improving the rate at which dollars earn points.

What rewards can these points fetch you? How about an order of breadsticks for 75 points or a free large pizza for 300 points?. Upon joining, members get a 10% discount on their next visit and can redeem every 100 points for a $10.00 discount on future orders.

Do note that members must accrue at least 100 points to redeem rewards and are ineligible to earn points on taxes, gratuities, gift certificate redemptions, or alcoholic beverages.

8. Burger King: A Royal Feast of Freebies

Burger King might be also a king in our list of apps that give you free food because treats every customer like royalty. And The Royal Perks program rewards members with ‘Crowns’ for every dollar spent on eligible transactions, which can be redeemed for free menu items. Members earn Crowns at the standard rate of 10 per $1 spent, with opportunities to participate in Crown Point Accelerators for higher earning rates.

The benefits continue in a royal manner! Royal Perks members can enjoy a daily upsize deal to enlarge one order of fries, hash browns, or drinks at no extra cost. Plus, during their birthday month, registered Royal Perks members can enjoy double Crowns on purchases.

9. Baskin-Robbins: Scoop Up Sweet Rewards

Here’s something for all the ice cream lovers! Baskin-Robbins rewards you right from the get-go. Upon downloading the Baskin-Robbins app and signing up, users are treated to a free scoop of ice cream. And if your birthday is coming up, don’t forget to register for the Birthday Club to receive an additional free scoop on your special day.

The app provides the following benefits:

  • Monthly deals through $1 or $2-off coupons on specific items
  • Exclusive mobile offers
  • Rewards program that allows users to accumulate points towards more free treats by scanning a QR code with each purchase.

10. Jersey Mike’s: Sandwiches and Savings

Jersey Mike’s app is a must-download for all sandwich enthusiasts. The app offers the following benefits:

  • Rewards users with free sandwiches upon signup
  • Allows users to collect points for every purchase
  • Members earn points towards freebies, with points ranging from 3 for a KID’S Meal to 12 for a GIANT size sub.

The rewards extend beyond a free sandwich. Members of the Jersey Mike’s app can also enjoy unique double point days, adding an extra layer of savings to your sandwich indulgence.

11. Panera Bread: Fresh Deals on Fresh Food

The MyPanera rewards program from Panera Bread is enticing for the health-conscious food lovers. New MyPanera members get a free pastry upon making any purchase after signing up. In addition to that, MyPanera members can enjoy zero delivery fees for the first 30 days.

The benefits of fresh deals continue. Panera Bread provides additional food discounts through their ‘You Pick Two’ option, Duets selections starting at $6.99, and the Family Feast Value Meals for family-sized savings. Plus, the MyPanera rewards program tailors special offers and rewards to members based on their visit history and preferences.

12. Chipotle: Spice Up Your Savings

The Chipotle Rewards program is irresistible for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts. New members receive free guacamole and can enjoy free chips and guac on their birthdays along with extra points.

Members earn 10 points for every $1 spent, with the opportunity to earn extra points and badges through special promotions. Not only can you redeem points for Chipotle food and merchandise, but you can also donate to charity. Now, that’s a rewarding experience!

13. Firehouse Subs: Heroic Savings

Firehouse Subs presents a fittingly named loyalty program, Firehouse Rewards. Customers earn 100 points for every $1 spent, but points are not earned on third-party delivery orders, catering, and donations to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Points accrued through Firehouse Rewards can be redeemed for select menu items such as free subs and salads. What’s more, is that the Firehouse Subs app allows users to donate earned points to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which aids first responders with lifesaving equipment.

Plus, additional rewards include a free medium sub on birthdays, opportunities to participate in challenges for bonus points, and personalized offers built from members’ purchase history.

14. Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef? In Your Wallet!

Burger enthusiasts, prepare for some enticing rewards with Wendy’s Rewards™. This my be one of our favorite apps that give you free food. Users accumulate 10 points for every dollar spent on eligible products, which can be redeemed for various free menu items, such as a small Frosty or a Baconator.

The Wendy’s app offers the following benefits:

  • Rewards points
  • Regularly provides users with free food offers like a complimentary 10-piece Nuggets with any purchase
  • Allows users to upload their receipt within 24 hours to secure points if they forget to scan their QR code at the time of purchase.

15. Dairy Queen: Chill Out with Cool Rewards

For a refreshing delight, explore Dairy Queen’s DQ® Rewards program. Customers can earn points on every purchase at participating locations. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including free food and treats.

The app continually offers rewards, exclusive deals, app-specific perks like Mobile Monday deals, and a special surprise on birthdays to enhance your celebrations. By joining DQ® Rewards, customers gain access to weekly app-exclusive deals and unexpected surprise offers, enhancing the overall Dairy Queen experience.

16. Noodles & Company: Slurp Up the Savings

With their rewards program, Noodles & Company ensures every noodle is rewarding. Members receive a free entree after their first purchase. The program also offers a tiered membership system, with daily freebies through the Extra Goodness feature.

Members have the ability to accumulate and redeem points for various rewards, including complimentary delivery, beverages, desserts, and entrées, to name a few. Premier members enjoy additional rewards, such as special promotions, VIP invitations to taste new menu items, early access to menu updates, and point requirements to maintain their Premier status, which come with a generous expiration period for point redemption.

17. Einstein Bros. Bagels: Get Your Schmear On

If you prefer bagels for breakfast, consider joining the Shmear Society rewards program by Einstein Bros. Bagels. New members receive a free bagel and shmear with purchase upon signup.

Members also earn two points for every dollar spent, making every breakfast a rewarding experience. And to make your birthday morning extra special, the Shmear Society celebrates with a free egg sandwich with purchase.

18. Dine Rewards: One App, Multiple Restaurants

The Dine Rewards app is a must for those who appreciate a diverse dining experience. Members earn five points for every dollar spent on food and nonalcoholic beverages at multiple restaurants. Accumulate 350 points in Dine Rewards to convert them into a $5 reward, which can be spent within 90 days.

Rewards can be redeemed for unique items like a free Bloomin’ Onion from Outback, a complimentary calamari appetizer from Carrabba’s, or $10 off a future purchase at Bonefish Grill, all of which can be considered a free reward.

The Dine Rewards program also offers a support system for members seeking further assistance concerning the rewards.

Don’t Forget Delivery Apps

Last but not least, remember to check out delivery apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats. These apps are another gem in this guide of apps that give you free food because occasionally provide deals and freebies to their users. Some restaurants like Black Angus even allow online or app orders to earn free items, surfacing opportunities for additional deals.

Bear in mind, however, that combining the perks of delivery apps with restaurant-specific reward programs may not always be feasible. Hence, to maximize savings, it’s vital to explore offers on both delivery and restaurant-specific apps.


In conclusion, restaurant apps offer a treasure trove of rewards, freebies, and discounts, making each dining experience more rewarding. Whether you’re a burger fan, a coffee lover, or a noodle enthusiast, there’s an app out there to satisfy your cravings while saving your bucks. So, go ahead, download these apps that give you free food, and start savoring the savings today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get free food?

You can get free food through programs like BackPack Program, Mobile Food Pantry, and SNAP application assistance. Check out local food programs and support to get the assistance you need.

What apps can I use to get food?

You can use apps like Seamless, Postmates, Caviar, Gopuff, Bite Squad, Favor, and Grubhub to get food delivered right to your door. These apps allow you to order from local restaurants and popular chains, making it easy to find your next delicious meal.

Can I combine the benefits of delivery apps with the specific reward programs offered by restaurants?

You can’t always combine the benefits, so it’s important to check offers on both delivery apps and restaurant-specific apps to maximize your savings.

Do all restaurant apps offer a points system?

Yes, most restaurant apps offer a points system, but the accumulation rate may differ between apps.

Can I redeem points for cash?

No, usually points are redeemed for free menu items or discounts, but some apps also allow you to donate points to charity. It’s a nice way to give back if you have points to spare.