How to live well without spending too much money

saving money

There would be hardly a person who believes in spending too much money to live well. It will be a very abnormal thing to say and moreover, almost everyone hates spending unnecessarily. So if you want to know how to live well without spending too much money, this is a perfect post for you.

However, don’t think about this post on how you can get rich and wealthy, but how you can live a good life without worrying too much about money! Almost every family experienced or will experience weeks that are a bit tighter and really easy weeks.

Interestingly, when you know how to spend well, you can have a great positive experience in both.

Sounds strange? Read the blog and you will know how to live a great life without spending too much.

Spend some and save some too!

The trick is in understanding where you are spending unnecessarily and failing to save some money. Here are a few tips that will help you in saving your money.

Avoid disposable products

Disposable things will only not just cost you money, but since these are not recyclable you cannot use them more than once. In simpler terms, you have to purchase a disposable item and then if you need it again you will have to go to a store and get them again.

For instance, we use cloth for various purposes. Imagine if you buy them every time you need to wipe or clean, how much you will spend in a year? Whereas, you can get a durable cloth piece and use it for a long time. Of course, the initial cost will be higher comparatively, but in the long run, it will prove to be more economic.

The same logic applies to every disposable product – paper or plastic cups, plastic silverware, paper napkins, paper straws, and almost everything; except of course toilet paper, which you have to buy.

Try second-hand stuff

The concept of secondhand is quite straight forward; you buy or use things that were used previously by someone else. Maybe you do not like using a few things secondhand, like clothes, shoes, etc. But you can always try beautiful housewares, furniture, vintage decor, and regular electronic things like television or a computer. Suppose you have just moved in.

You can go for secondhand furniture and other household items, which will not just save you money but also satisfy the need. Or you can barter with friends as well. Bartering with friends is a great idea as they would never give you defective items and neither would you. Maybe one of your friends needs a table and you need a bed!

Make stuffs

Usually, there are two kinds of people – one who like doing things for themselves and another who would rather pay someone to do it for them! If you want to stop wasting money unnecessarily, then you should start thinking about doing it yourself, instead of getting it done by others.

Thankfully, we live in the world of the internet where there are innumerable DIY tutorials and blogs. In addition to that, you will always get a manual with almost everything today. All you have to do is pay a little attention and follow the DIY instructions. Not only you can save money when you do it yourself but also learn many new things.

Don’t throw away leftovers

Wasting food is a bad thing to do for so many reasons – your effort will go to waste, the ingredients and the hard work will equally be wasted, and most importantly the money spent on it will be wasted. You can take care of it with a proper meal plan.

To begin with, know how much you and your family can eat. When you have a clear idea about the amount of food you consume every day, you will prepare the meal accordingly. Further, even if there are leftovers, instead of throwing away you can preserve them in your refrigerator and later have them heated in a micro oven and have them.


You should be financially responsible and that is important for not just your health, but also for your financial planning. Living within your means is not just a healthy option but also the key to a healthy lifestyle.

The given ideas will help you enjoy your life without spending too much money. Finally, create your “emergency fund” and that will always come handy when circumstances go out of hand.