The Top 6 Apps That Help Invest Money

apps that help you invest money

Get your financial life back on track using the best apps that help invest money for your smartphone. A solid financial app that helps invest money can shuffle money into investment accounts, handle routine financial tasks and track what you spend, among others. This leaves you with a lot of freedom to do more important stuff. To get your finances invested and organized, here are the top six apps for both traditional and non-traditional styles of money management and investment. You definitely won’t find last year’s list of investment apps here.


This app that helps invest money enables you to buy fractional company shares. Thus, if you don’t have three hundred dollars you can buy a third or half of an expensive tech stock. You need to pay ninety-nine cents per trade but there is no monthly fee. You also get to give gift cards that the recipient can redeem for stocks. This is a great way to get younger relatives into making investments. There is no need for a Stockpile account to send a gift. Kids get to do investment tracking at any time. The app lets kids share stock wishlists with friends and family.


This app that helps invest money is a Robo-advisor that provides a managed portfolio using an ETF selection calibrated against your tolerance of risks. If you can take more risks than usual, this app can give you a great return. If you are a person who likes less risk, Betterment can do this as well. You can install the app that helps invest money and put your feet up to relax while the pros to the hard world. There are also goals you can set on this app, which lets you meet them, such as retirement or a safety net fund. There is no minimum for this account. Never has a Robo-advisor adjusted to all your financial and investment tendencies quite so accurately.


Wealthbase is a real social experience for stock market traders. Fairly new on the app scene, Wealthbase is an investment, user-friendly app that helps you pick stocks while having fun. There are even games you can set up with your friends lasting weeks or days. You will see the stock feed of your friends, check out who is winning on the daily updates and even share trash talk with the winners. There are no hiccups, no loading delays on Wealthbase and even if you are new to picking stocks, you will have a lot of fun on this. Friends and colleagues will love finding all the best stocks online with you on Wealthbase.


This app that helps invest money is for people that hate trading commissions. This app lets you trade cryptocurrency, options, and ETFs for free. The best part? You get to do all this on the comfort of your smartphone, quickly and easily. It is simple to navigate the stripped-down app. After a while, you can move intuitively from one screen to another as you do market trading. On top of the screen is a search bar to access the page of your stock, vital statistics and pull up charts.

A feed aggregating investing site and news updates you on the latest happenings. Once you decide what to trade, enter the number of shares to sell or buy, swipe up and the deed is done. You can begin trading immediately because there is instant delivery of the first thousand dollars of any funds you deposit into the accounts. Those that love trading cryptocurrency and trading stocks for free will love Robinhood.


For beginners, Stash is a great app that helps invest money. It stands out with the options it offers. As a user, you get a retirement, bank, and brokerage account for a flat monthly fee of three dollars. At the level of nine dollars per month, you also get monthly investment research, two custodial accounts, an upgraded debit card and a stronger structure of rewards. All you need is five dollars to open your Stash account and purchase fractional shares in ETFs and stocks.


For high-end investment management, Round is the best app that helps invest money for you to install. Even if Round using automated questionnaire s to create your portfolio, it is a great Robo-adviser. This app works with Gabelli, Doubleline and Guggenheim Partners to provide individuals who want to invest in institution-grade stocks. The managers of Round depend largely on alternative strategies and assets including merger arbitrage, real estate, and asset-backed securities. No matter what the value of your account is, you get charged a management fee. However, the monthly fee gets waived if you have a negative return.